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Commercial Modular Leisure Facilities

Commercial modular leisure facilities are the new way to deliver industry leading sports facilities at market leading costs.  in time frames that change the face of leisure construction projects.

Versatility Leisure has created a new concept to improve the vital infrastructure needed to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

We believe that the quality of sports facilities has a direct impact on the levels of user satisfaction and, with reducing levels of funding available, it is imperative that different solutions are found to ensure leisure facilities remain available for local communities. Sports facilities should be of high quality, be efficient, look attractive and be cost effective.

Versatility is the leader in delivering a new breed of facilities for the 21st century.

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The Building Technology

Versatility Leisure brings together the most appropriate building solutions for our clients. We work with market leading modular building manufacturers, meaning that the building systems chosen will meet all the exacting requirements of each of our clients. We have chosen to work with our partners, as they are the ones leading the way in for modular building solutions.

The systems used in the Versatility model provide innovative structures that have been deployed across the UK for a number of purposes, including sports and leisure projects.

The swimming pool tanks we install are modular steel systems, and they are from global market leaders. These modular systems are of the highest quality and are used in all major aquatic events the world over.

The building is designed in such a way that there are no inaccessible services and structures, meaning that over the course of the buildings life the ability to modify and repair is far more simple than that of a more conventional construction type.

The advantage of using the super structure is that not only does it provide an attractive and inspiring building for long-term use, the materials are chosen specifically for their performance characteristics and are quick and efficient to construct.

The super structure is designed around a light weight frame and meets all Sport England, ASA, Building Regulations and European Design requirements for sports and leisure facilities. As the superstructure is formed of a dual skin tensile fabric there is the opportunity to provide the highest standards of insulation. The pool tanks are fully insulated, if required, to ensure as little energy is lost through the building fabric.

The many Versatility configurations are incredibly versatile with the ability to adapt and add to easily. The building shape can be tailored to meet the strict planning requirements of specific locations. The colour scheme can also be altered to correspond with the operators branding, and the green credentials are second to none.

Innovation is embedded in the Versatility Leisure ethos.  All aspects of this facility include innovative solutions to ensure the client, and end user, enjoy an uplifting and beneficial experience. This innovative approach is taken to both the building services and swimming pool filtration where the state of the art systems help to reduce waste.